10 FREE tools to support your business during COVID-19

10 FREE tools to support your business during COVID-19

COVID-19 has made the world dark and gloomy. So it always makes us feel warm inside when we hear about businesses supporting each other. Many large tech companies are offering their services for free to help other business owners during the pandemic. You can now access some of the best software and platforms in the world! We’ve rustled up our top 10 favourite free tools to support your business, so your work doesn’t suffer while you lockdown.


Ever tried to explain to your grandma over the phone why her email doesn’t work? Pretty frustrating, right? Imagine that, every day, but with ALL your clients. Thank goodness for Loom – a desktop recording tool that fits snuggly into your browser and allows you to record your screen.

Loom have now reduced fees and limitations. You can learn more here. 


Now that you’re working from home, you must be taking a whole lot of conference calls, huh? Krisp is a virtual microphone that removes background noise on all calls. And until September 17th, they’re offering:

  • 120 minutes a week of free noise cancellation.
  • Free memberships to all students, teachers, hospital and government workers.
  • 30% off Krisp Pro and Teams – so the new price is $40 a year, or $5 a month. 


You don’t need to be the next James Cameron to write the best ad campaign. Not when HARMON BROTHERS are offering their $197 Script Writing Challenge for free for the next 30 days! Learn from professionals how to write successful ads, and take your business to the next level. 


If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine how many a video can do. Videos help build your brand and connect with your audience. So Sparkhouse is making free promotional videos for small businesses struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.     

10 FREE tools to support your business during COVID-19


Have you ever dreamt about starring in your own business podcast? With Zencastr offering a free Hobbyist plan, here’s no better time to give it a go!

Download the software onto your browser to easily launch recording sessions for your podcast. It claims to have a ‘dead simple guest interface’, so any novice can sound like a pro. 


Need to scrub up on your SEO skills? Moz Academy is now offering their online courses for free until May 31st. You won’t be short on choice – some of the courses include:

  •   SEO Fundamentals
  •   Local SEO Fundamentals
  •   Keyword Research
  •   Page Optimisation
  •   Technical SEO Site Audit


Get ready to kneel – the king of marketing, Neil Patel, is here! Patel is the creator of Ubersuggest – a handy online tool that helps optimise and analyse your website’s SEO.

Although it already had some free features, Patel has added more in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Find out how Ubersuggest is ‘more free’ here.   


Working from home is hard – especially if you’ve left all your data on your office computer. Meero is a visual file transfer tool you should be using to work remotely.

To help during your time in need, they have increased the storage capacity and validity duration of files shared via Meerodrop – perks usually reserved for gold members. 


Moz isn’t the only one to share their knowledge online – LinkedIn has created a series of handy training videos for your business. And they’re all free to download!

Learn more about:

  •       Working remotely
  •       Time management when working from home
  •       Productivity tips
  •       Managing stress for positive change 
  •       Developing resourcefulness

Netflix Party

Hey, it doesn’t have to be all about work, does it? Just because you can’t hang out with your friends, doesn’t mean you can’t all watch your favourite shows together! Use Netflix Party to stream all the classics – Brooklyn 99, Gossip Girl and Tiger King (just to name a few!)

Netflix Party - 10 FREE tools to support your business during COVID-19

Does your business need a little more support during the COVID-19 pandemic? Call us – we love to chat! Let us guide you to making your company stronger than ever. Contact us here to get started.


Written By Chanelle