2020 Social Media Content Calendar Download – ER’DAY SOCIAL

2020 Social Media Content Calendar Download – ER’DAY SOCIAL 

Alright, so you’ve got a super cool, fun business. We dig that. And you’ve been pretty successful in getting your idea off the ground and into something big. Kudos to you, you brilliant human! It’s a new year, so you know your business doesn’t have to stop there – there’s a whole world on social media for your company to grow on! But what with all the start-ups, meetings, and just general getting-your-face-out-there, who has the energy? And where do you even start? Blurgh, maybe just have a lie down instead.

Haven’t got the spare time? Maybe you’re just not the creative type? This must be your lucky day – because this is kinda our thing. Ninki has created ER’DAY SOCIAL, a social media content calendar made for business owners just like you. Keep at the top of everyone’s feed by consistently posting engaging, funny or inspirational updates on social media, without the stress.


What is a content calendar?

So glad you asked! A content calendar is a calendar that plots out what social media content will be posted, and when. But ER’DAY SOCIAL isn’t just any old social media content calendar download – this one gives you prompts of what to post. It also gives you copy-paste quotes, images and access to a private Facebook group with free weekly tips, advice and video tutorials. So you don’t need to be the next JK Rowling to create original and imaginative status updates – ER’DAY SOCIAL does that all for you! You’ll be able to have that lie-down!

So why does your business need ER’DAY SOCIAL?

Too busy to figure out what to post, and when? ER’DAY SOCIAL‘s got you! Have the creative flair of a wet mop? Need engaging posts that will increase your social media presence? You guessed it – ER’DAY SOCIAL! And if your posts are regular, thought-provoking, and unique, your business will find itself at the top of everyone’s feed, and you will become known as a trusted expert in your field. Not bad for a little social media content calendar download, huh?


 I need to know more about ER’DAY SOCIAL!

Then you’ve come to the right place! Your ER’DAY SOCIAL media content calendar download will come to you in both Google Sheet and PDF format, with a detailed list of holidays, quirky celebrations, and awareness days. So you’ll never miss an opportunity to make your posts relevant. ER’DAY SOCIAL also provides:

  • High volume hashtags for major holidays
  • 60 inspiring and shareable copy-paste quotes for every mood and occasion, arranged in handy categories.
  • 21 engaging post ideas to encourage audience interaction.
  • 113 carefully selected stock images and 20 custom-designed images ready to add your logo.


 So what are you waiting for? Get your ER’DAY SOCIAL social media content calendar download HERE! Or contact us here to find out more. 


Written By Chanelle