3 Apps for Better Mental Health at Work

In the stone age, humans pretty much had four things to worry about. Food, shelter, reproduction and safety. Back then, our adrenalin could flick on and off when needed. Fast forward to 2019 and one in five people suffer from some form of anxiety. Why? Well, there’s just so much going on. Work deadlines, stress, traffic, acceptance, not to mention the constant stimulation in social media and TV. You just can’t get away from it. Or can you? Isn’t it strange that we brush our teeth twice a day but do very little to look after our mental health? But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are 3 apps for better mental health at work.


Calm was named the number one app in 2017 by Apple. The app offers helpful meditations for your current mood. Whether you’re stressed, anxious, can’t sleep or just feel like you need some positive vibes, the app has something for you. If you’re not into meditation, even just the nature sounds can help calm your stress. Just got out of a meeting with your ‘full of sh*t boss’? The app also contains breathing exercises to help you relax.

The thing we love most about the app: The sleep stories.

On a side note, this app is used by Ashton Kutcher and Harry Styles.

5 Apps for Better Mental Health at Work


Created by a former monk, Andy Puddicombe, this app has helped thousands live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life. This is the app that made meditation accessible to me. The animations and app design makes meditation feel easy and achievable. The simplicity of Andy’s explanations helps too. Although created by a monk, the app steers clear of any heavy religious ties. Instead, it just focuses on the benefits of meditation.

The app breaks down your meditation journey day by day so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

The thing we love most about the app: The animations and bite-sized modules.  

Five Minute Journal

Writing in a journal or journaling can improve your IQ, evoke mindfulness, develop your emotional intelligence, reduce stress and anxiety, assist with healing and improve your communication skills. Five Minute Journal helps you keep track of goals, things you are grateful for and important things that happened in your day. For five minutes your brain gets a chance to unwind and focus on something else, something positive or reflective.

The thing we love most about the app: Adding three things you are grateful for every day.


Written By Chanelle