Best Practices for Google Ad Copy

The key to writing effective ad copy is to make sure it is attractive, relevant and compelling to click.

1Highlight your unique selling pointWhat makes you different from your competitors? Why should someone choose you over another ad? Tell people how you are different. Is it your product? Your location? Your delivery service?
2Include prices, promotions and specialsPeople love a deal so if you have one. Tell them! Price is a decision influencer so share it with your potential customer.
3Call to actionTell people what you want them to do with a clear call to action:

Example: Call Now, Sign up today, Shop Now

4Include the keyword in the adIncluding the keyword the customer searched for in the ad reinforces the ad’s relevance. If someone searched for ‘buy yoga pants’ include ‘buy yoga pants now’ in your ad copy.
5Match your ad to the landing pageEnsure that the page you are sending people to from your ad reflects what they have searched for. If someone has searched for ‘black yoga pants’ and they are taken to a page with ‘blue yoga pants’ the customer will feel frustrated and most likely leave the page.

Hot tips:

Make your ads mobile friendly: if someone is searching on mobile ensure you have activated a call extension or mapping so people can visit your store.

Test messaging: create three or four ads for each group with slightly different messaging to see which one performs best.


  • Spaces between your ad copy
  • Mixing lower case and upper case
  • Using capitals
  • Using symbols like #%$* for effect
  • Unclear or wordy language – keep it simple!
  • Putting your phone number in the headline or body of the ad

Ad anatomy 

Best Practices for Google Ad Copy - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide - Ninki
The key to writing effective ad copy is to make sure it is attractive, relevant and compelling to click.
Ad partWhat is it?
HeadlineThis is the most important part of the ad as it’s generally the first thing people see. The headline alone could be the one factor that compels the user to click.

Character limit: 25

Description line 1Should highlight the benefits of the product or service. It’s a good place to ensure your unideal doesn’t click. For example: if you are a top end fashion supplier then mention that so you only attract people who can afford high-end fashion. Character limit: 35
Description line 2Use this to mention your unique selling point or benefit of the product or service or why the customer can’t live without it. Get people excited about finding out more!

Character limit: 35

Display URLA preview of the URL you will take the customer too.

Character limit: 225 with 35 characters visible.

Call extensionsMake it easy for people to call you by adding this clickable button.
Site linksMake it easy for customers to get to where they want to go on your site and have more real estate on the page.

Written By Chanelle