Eco-friendly Marketing Tips

Become a socially responsible superhero with these eco-friendly marketing tips

Show that your business cares about the environment just as much as you care for your customers by implementing eco-friendly marketing assets and strategies. You don’t need to be an eco product or service provider to make your marketing ‘green’. Every business, no matter what sector, industry or size can help ease the global strain of climate change and mass waste. Here are some tips and ideas to help your business reduce your carbon footprint, waste and show your customers that you’re the good guys!

Recycle and use recycled products

Decorate your office with beautiful, bright coloured bins for recycling! Read this article from the City of Adelaide that talks you through the rules of the game because recycling is FUN! Print your business cards on recycled paper or recycled T-shirts. MOO offers great tree-free alternatives.

Use eco-friendly cleaners

Partner with an eco-friendly cleaning business that doesn’t use harmful chemicals with toxic ingredients. Try Green Cleaners or The Mint Team.

Switch to online marketing

The amount of carbon emissions produced to print newspapers and magazines “on time and in style” are pretty shocking. Switching to online advertising is kinder to the planet AND your budget. Traditional marketing is far more expensive than digital marketing.

Support climate change charities

Choosing to donate even the smallest amount of money each month to a climate change charity makes you a good business and a GREAT person. Here are the best climate change charities to donate to. 

Eco-friendly Marketing Tips Climate Change Charities

Choose eco-friendly banks

Did you know that your money could be going to companies that are harming our planet? Yup! Partnering with banks who support good and ethical companies can make a big difference!

Unfortunately, the ‘Big 4’ all invest in fossil fuels. The ‘Big 4’ being:

  • ANZ
  • Commbank
  • NAB
  • Westpac

Bank Australia is the one bank that is going above and beyond to boycott tyrant fossil fuel companies. “Our money is clean because it doesn’t lend to industries that cause harm.” ~ Fiona Nixon, Bank Australia’s head of corporate affairs and marketing.

Eco-friendly Marketing Tips Eco Banks

Cycle, carpool or take public transport

Transit plays a huge role in the environment. “Transport is now Australia’s second-largest source of greenhouse gas pollution after electricity.” Incentivise workers to take public transport by offering free lunch if they do.

Eco-friendly Marketing Tips

Print less

We’re all for kicking it old school. I have a Judy Garland CD in my car right now, but printing documents unnecessarily the kinda old school that no one digs. Before you print something, ask yourself, do I really need to print this? Many documents like boarding passes, tickets and booking confirmations can be stored on mobile and come with codes to scan you in.

If you HAVE to print something, use recycled paper, black and white ink and print on both sides.

Did you know that 80 million cartridges end up in landfill yearly across the globe? Just another reason to skip the needless print job.

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Written By Chanelle