Facebook announces the possibility of Instagram for Kids – say whaaaat?

Still rubbing your eyes at the title to make sure you read it right? You did. Facebook is building an Instagram platform for kids under the age of 13. 

Instagram for Kids - NINKI Content Marketing


It’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard since someone told me to eat peanut butter with bacon (which was actually delicious but I don’t eat meat anymore so those days are over.)

Here’s what we know about the news…

Why are they doing it?

Currently, Instagram does not allow people under the ages of 13 to join the platform. Naturally, the big (*cough* greedy) tech giants saw an opportunity to create something just for them. They want IGFK (NINKI acronym) to be a safe place for youngsters to join in on the fun in a safe and controlled environment.

What content does a child under the age of 13 actually need?

The parent-controlled app will be a place for kids to connect with friends and consume content around their favourite hobbies, music, personal interests, sports and more.

Instagram for Kids - NINKI Content Marketing

Safety measures

“A study of Australian teens’ internet usage published by the Australian eSafety commissioner in February found 57% of Australian teenagers use Instagram, while 30% reported being contacted by a stranger, and 20% reported being sent inappropriate unwanted content on the social media sites they used.”*

The platform announced plans to roll out safety features that prevent adults from messaging people under the age of 18, who don’t follow them. Teens will also be advised to set their profile to private.

*The Guardian

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Our take on the matter?

Some of my fondest memories as a kid was being outside, playing with friends, riding our bikes, etc. Not sitting around on social media. I know that this is the world we live in now, but it does break my heart to think of young people wasting away on a screen or being influenced by unrealistic beauty standards from the content Instagram is known for. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Written By Chanelle