Google AdWords Glossary

Google AdWords Glossary

Howdy guys! Feeling bogged down by all the terms and acronyms in Google AdWords? Here’s a wicked table of terms you can print, share or save to help you get your head around what’s what in the Google AdWords interface.

Google AdWords Glossary - Digital Marketing Adelaide - Ninki



An ad campaign made up of, a budget, ad groups and ad settings.
Campaign Type


Where you want your ads to be seen.


Search Network only –which means Google search only.


Display network only (also known as AdSense) – means your ads will show up on other websites like YouTube, tier one websites and blogs.


Search network and display – means a combination of both.

Ad Group


A group of keywords around a common theme which in turn have their own budget and settings.


Example: If you have a furniture store you might want to have an ad group for coffee tables, dining tables, side tables. Each group will then have keywords relating to those categories – timber dining tables, dark wood dining tables and so on.



The most important part of AdWords. These are the words or search terms that you choose your ads to be linked to so you come up when someone searches it.
AdQuality Score



Your ads are given a score which is defined by a combination of ad relevance, description, keywords, presence of ad extensions and the landing page the ad takes people to.


Note: you can have a competitive budget but if you have a low quality score your ad has less chance of appearing.



A measurement for how many times your ad is shown in Google.
Ad rank


What position your ad will rank in the search results (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th position) This is decided by your quality score and your bid.
Ad extensions


Additional information about your business or quick links like map directions, a call button or to jump to a section of the website.
Landing pageThe website page a searcher is taken to when they click the ad.


Note: it’s super important for the landing page to be relevant to the ad!

CTA (call to action)Something that encourages a person to interact with the ad.


Example: Learn More, Shop Now, Buy Now, etc.

 CTR (click through rate)Used to measure the rate at which people see your ad and click through to your website.


Each keyword has a price or bid. Some words are more competitive than others. In order to play in the space, you need to have a competitive bid.
Bid strategyGoogle allows for different bidding strategies depending on what metric is most important to you: impressions, clicks, view, engagement, etc.
PPC (pay per click)


An ad billing type simply means you only pay when someone clicks.
CPC (cost per click)The most common bidding type which means you only pay when someone clicks your ad.
CPM (cost per thousand impressions)A bidding method where you pay when someone sees your ad.
Daily budgetHow much you are willing to spend per day.


Note: keep your average transaction value in mind. Often the higher the value of the product is the higher the budget will need to be (example: law services)

Billing thresholdAn amount of costs that, when reached, triggers you to be charged for those costs.

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