How to Give Your Copywriter Feedback

How to Give your Copywriter Feedback

Copywriting is one of the toughest jobs out. Writing is so subjective and there’s a million ways to say the same thing. It isn’t always easy to articulate what you want or how you want your copy to work for you.

This guide should help you understand the job of a copywriter and how you can deliver specific feedback that will help them craft the copy to your brief.

A Copywriter’s Job

Your copywriter has to get a lot of things right:

  • A tone and style suitable to your brand
  • Write copy that informs, inspires, engages AND has to get people to convert
  • Use language that is appropriate and follows industry rules or standards
  • Highlight key messages
  • Lead readers on a journey
  • And the hardest one…writing copy that you like

It’s highly unlikely that the first draft you see will be what you want. Revisions are a normal part of the copywriting process. It’s a collaborative process that takes time.

“Your copy will only be as good as the feedback you give.”

How to give your copywriter feedback - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide - Ninki

Be specific

  • Point out what you like and don’t like in the copy and explain why. Instead of saying “it’s not on brand”, pull out specific words and sentences that don’t suit the brand and explain why.
  • Try to give your feedback verbally. Written feedback can get lost in translation and/or misunderstood.
  • Highlight the sentence that needs more work and supply notes or comments as to how you’d like to see those sentences re-written.

Offer suggestions or examples

  • Provide your copywriter with examples of copy that best suits your brand.
  • Supply website links for your copywriter to refer to.
  • Supply competitor website links too. Although your brand tone is important, a lot can be learned from your competitors – especially if they are converting customers!
  • Explain how you want your customers to feel when they read the copy. This will help a lot!

Consolidate your feedback

  • Spend time reading the copy, make specific notes and feedback (this can be from multiple people) but send your feedback in one consolidated email or phone call.

How to give your copywriter feedback - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide - Ninki


  • You understand your business. Copywriters know how to write.
  • Collaborate on additions, changes and ideas to bring synergy to the project and to move it in the right direction.

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Stay open minded

  • Copywriters typically write for various channels and industries. They understand how copy needs to be to get people to connect, engage and convert.
  • It’s easy to get swept up your brand’s voice but remember that copy needs to be written according to what works for consumers. There are tried and tested techniques and styles that copywriters know work.

“Sell a good night’s sleep – not the mattress”

Copy should be less fluff and more problem solving, benefits and an easy mental justification of the purchase. Keep it simple, memorable, run and easy to read.

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Written By Chanelle