How to inject personality into your brand using social media

How to inject personality into your brand using social media


What is it, how do you use it and why-oh-why is it so important for your success in social media?

Let us tell you a little story.


Why is it important?

Not that long ago, in a village not so far away, we launched our Insta @ninkionline.

*Cue the confetti*

When you work in digital marketing, you need to show off those all-too-important skills in a space where your audience live. So, we showed UP to the IG party, perhaps a little late, but with the personality that made. Heads. Turn.

If this were a real-life party, we would have been that one woman who walked in four hours late, with her on-the-shoulder boombox blasting ABBA, wearing a hot-pink tutu and rocking some flamingo sunglasses [at night, because #Fashun].

We got all of that good ol’ attention from our IG audience and why?

Because we showed personality.

Now, this isn’t a brag [at all], but we know how important personality is to succeed on social, and painting this picture showcases just how well personality can help engage your audience.

I mean, you’re still reading, right?

This is what we mean when we say personality is everything on social media. It shows your audience who you are, what you’re about, and keeps them engaged [as opposed to falling on some serious zzz’s when they hit your post #OnTheFeed].


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Where do I start?

So, let’s kick off with an activity. We want you to close your eyes, clear your head and focus on your biz.

Now, imagine them as a person. Who comes to mind?

For us? Our brand is Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec, but a little more low-key [‘cause we just can’t sustain Leslie Knope’s EN-ER-GY on the reg #NoTY].

So, when we start writing copy, gathering content and showing UP on social? We talk from the Leslie Knope within us to show off our brand’s fun, passionate, dedicated personality.

Why? A – because it’s true to our biz, and B? Because it engages our audience.

We know our audience [like yourself #TYVM] would prefer to read:


“Thank F????CK that’s over. Monday sucked. BRING ON TUESDAY! Things I’m grateful for today (despite having a bad one) ????

???? My lovely accountant Angela

???? The gym

???? Cask wine ????”




“We hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday. While our Monday wasn’t great, we’re excited to move on and get back into the swing of things today.”


Right? The first is engaging. It’s interesting. It makes you want to read ‘til the end and find out more about us as a brand.

The second? Oops, sorry, we fell asleep. What does it say again?

Get the picture?



Then what?

So, you’ve now got a person in mind that reflects your business. What you need to do now, is jot down ALL the adjectives you can think of relating to that person.

For us? Our adjective list for Leslie Knope looks a little like this:

Fun, kind, outgoing, confident, aloof, passionate, committed, caring, friendly, funny, weird, interesting.

Then, when you’re writing copy and sourcing or creating content for your socials, have these adjectives right in front of you. [Hot tip: post-it notes with your adjective lists work WONDERS].

For every sentence you write, every asset you source, ask yourself:

“Is it *insert relevant adjective here*?”

And if the answer is no? It’s not a fit for the personality you’re creating for your social media, so give it another go and see what comes up.


Final words…

Now, before we leave you to your own devices, we have one last little tip that will help steer you in the right direction:

Do NOT be afraid to play with your words. We’re talkin’ capitals where they shouldn’t be, breaking words up to ab-suh-LUTELY reflect your per-suh-NALITY. Throw all [most*] the grammar you learnt in school out the window and focus on telling your business’ story with your new social media personality.

Because after all? Your audience might be attracted to your pretty graphics and curated feed, but they’ll stay for you and your personality.

Written By Chanelle