Is Twitter Right for Your Business?

Is Twitter Right for Your Business?

Aside from being able to screenshot your Tweets and repost on the ‘gram [because it’s 2020, and aside from TikTok, that’s the trend of the year], should you be using Twitter for your biz?

Short answer? It depends!

Now, we know you’re probably rolling your eyes [wayyyy back into your skull], thinking, “well, that’s bluddy unhelpful”, and you’re right.

“It depends” is the single most unhelpful answer on the planet [anyone else wanna petition to remove it from the English language? Join the club!].

That’s why I’m going to take you through the ins and outs, ups and downs, major benefits and annoying downfalls of Twitter, and provide some insight as to whether it’s worth it for your biz.

Who uses Twitter?

Is Twitter right for your Business

Like all social media platforms, Twitter increases your chances of being found. Some of your audience might exclusively be active in the Twitterverse, so being active on the platform is a must.

According to Hootsuite, Twitter is mostly made up of the young, the wealthy and the educated. This doesn’t mean Twitter should be used only by businesses wanting to reach this particular demographic. It more so indicates that Twitter’s audiences are, generally speaking, more outgoing, outspoken and less likely to tolerate any BS.

So if your business is open, transparent and has a zero-BS policy? Twitter will work wonders for connecting with your audience.

[Pro tip: It also helps to be clever in the Twitterverse, as wit goes a long way on this platform. Check out the tea brands that jumped onto the hashtag #Solidaritea. Their responses? Quick, relevant, clever and most of all? Important].

Who are they?

Speaking of demographics, let’s have a quick chat about age. Running a business, you should have a pretty good idea of who is buying your products and/or services.

Is it 35-45 year-old mums wanting to treat their kids with the newest *insert hot new kids toy here*?

Is it millennials looking for the most extravagant candles to gift their friends for their 21st?

Or are you in the real estate biz, marketing to 20-35 year-olds looking to buy their first home?

Your demographic will play a major role in deciding to Tweet [or not to Tweet. That is the question]. The Twitterverse is mainly made up of 18-35 year olds. While this demographic appeals to a lot of businesses, it doesn’t appeal to all.

So if 18-35 year-olds aren’t a big part of your target market, we’d steer clear of Twitter. Mainly? Because Twitter takes time. And lots of it.

Do you have the time?

Aside from demographics, time is the biggest factor that will decide whether or not your business should jump on Twitter.

So let’s break it down.

Tweeting. Takes. Time. Not only does it take time to think up witty, clever tweets, to respond to your customers and engage with other brands in the Twitterverse, but you also need to be more active on this platform than all the other platforms combined [maybe not TikTok though…].

Twitter is a fast-paced environment. We’re talking Usain Bolt fast-paced. The kind of fast-paced that would run laps around all the other social media platforms in the Social Media Olympics.

One minute, #WorldSnakeDay is trending, and literally the next minute? It’s #MFLA2020. Don’t know what either of these things are? Well, welcome to Twitter. These were two of the top trending hashtags in Australia at the time this blog post was written.

Now? They’re not even a memory.

This is how fast-paced Twitter is. As a business, you need to be showing up on Twitter daily. At the least. You need to be ready to engage in quick, meaningful discourse, to think of witty responses in an instant and be nonplussed when the wind shifts and the Twitterverse have left your well-thought-out tweet in the dust.

Is Twitter right for your business

It’s a bit of a brutal world, Twitter is, but if you have the time, the right target market and the all-round cleverness Twitter requires, it can be great for your business.

But only if you have the time, wit and energy to invest in making it work.

If you’re not convinced Twitter will work for your biz, not to worry. It falls behind Instagram, Facebook and TikTok in popularity. If you’re worried you’ll miss out on a fraction of your target demographic because you’re not on Twitter? I wouldn’t worry. You’ll probably find them hanging out on your feed in IG.

Written By Chanelle