Social media management services

Increase your social media reach, engage followers and generate enquiries with social media content that connects and converts

Social media management services

Take your social media content from MEH to MWAH! NINKI creates social media content that sparks joy with your followers. Remember. If they like you and trust you, they’ll buy from you. Social media content is a great way to get people to like you.

With your digital marketing strategy in mind, we’ll create KILLER content that informs, educates and inspires your followers.

Social media content for businesses

Know you need to be on social media but don’t have the time to post? Perhaps you have the time, but not the ideas? We can help!

Here’s Mei Lin from Happenstance Distillery sharing her experience working with NINKI.

NINKI offers a range of social media content packages to suit your needs and budget.

Social media content for digital marketing agencies

NINKI offers a Whitelabel service for digital marketing agencies too.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced content team to help you fulfil your social media content services, book a discovery call with us today.

Social media management process. Here’s how it works

The process starts with a thorough onboarding/strategy meeting where we extract everything we need to know about your business and its goals. From there, we’ll develop a strategy to help you reach those goals through your social media content. And we take care of EVVERRYTHING. Ideas – check! Captions – check! Hashtags – check! Graphic design – check! Reels and stories – check and check! Scheduling – forget about it.

Each month you’ll have a meeting with your social media manager who will extract information from you for the next batch of content. You’ll also review what worked well and what needs improvement.

“For business owners working to scale and outsource, we all know it can be a struggle to find people that work with the same care, passion and attention to detail as we possess for our clients. NINKI brings all of that to the table and more.”

Sara Wright, SLW Media

“NINKI has added immense value to my business. Their help has allowed me to work on my business rather than in it. They are incredibly skilled at what they do, always communicate and strive to over-deliver every time.”

Karen Liz Albert, Behind Your Curtain

“For businesses looking to improve their business/brand copy or to gain clarity on their company messaging, I highly recommend NINKI.”

Corey Wolf, The Australian Institute of Business

“I’ve spent years trying to find a marketing agency that could see my vision clearly and execute the ideas in a fun, creative and effective way and until we found NINKI it felt impossible!”

Jodie Nevid, The Seven Effect

“We have been working with the innovative team at NINKI for nearly a year and have received significant uplift in our social content and engagement. The team are easy to work with and extremely creative.”

Sarah Baddams, General Manager of Novotel Barossa

“NINKI are the best! They’ve been managing our socials for almost a year now and we consider them a part of our team and business.”

Mei Lin and Tim Gilcrist from Happenstance Distillery

Social media management FAQs

Social media is the perfect place to build trust and likeability. If people know you, like you and trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. It’s also a great way to showcase your brand and business personality. People don’t want to be sold to, they want to have a connection with a brand that has their best interests at heart. And your brand can make that connection with social media. Want to learn more about how social media can help your business? Read our article on why your business needs social media.

We’d love a bank of photos and videos from you, but if you don’t have any – NO WORRIES! Once a month we do something called a ‘content harvest’ where we come to you and take all the photos and videos we’ll need for at least a month to use in your socials.

If you’re a product-based business, simply send us your products and we’ll do the rest. NINKI has a home studio where we can shoot content for you. Everything we do is done on an iPhone HOWEVER if you want professional photography you can pay extra for that.

Yep! Although we are based in Adelaide we have clients all over the world in the USA, Sweden, South Africa and the UK.

Of course! It is your social media, after all. Having said that, we do encourage you to avoid posting anything that may ruin the aesthetic of the feed or interfere with the strategy or messaging.

Unlike paid ads which tell you exactly what you spent and exactly what you earned, content is a little harder to measure. And although organic content can drive sales, organic content is not ads and cannot promise sales. We use metrics like reach, engagement, shares and website traffic to measure the effectiveness of the content we create. And can tell when there is a lift in business. For example, we recently promoted an event with organic social media content only and the event was a sell-out. If you have any more questions about the ROI of organic social media content, book a call with our strategist HERE.

Book a discovery call with us today to discuss your social media.