Ninki Talks – SLW Media with Sara Wright

Leveraging social media in the age of isolation

With typical Southern charm, Texan Sara Wright is warm, friendly, and oh-so polite. She’s also ambitious, prepared and incredibly intelligent. Sara has all the markings of the ultimate female business owner. 

With a history in screenplay writing, acting and publishing, Sara Wright has made herself into the savvy female business owner we see today. Her social media management agency, SLW Media, helps businesses find their voice on social media and amplify it across all their channels. 

Sara joined us for a NINKI Talks interview to chat about tips and tricks of the trade and how she became a successful business owner. 

What do businesses need to know about social media right now?

Use social media to stay top of mind

“When you’re thinking about staying top of mind – which is what brand awareness is,” Sara starts, “there’s no better way than social media. It allows you to have a two-way conversation with your audience that no other marketing avenue gives.” 

Facebook pixel is awesome! USE IT!

“I’m obsessed with the pixel!” Sara laughs. “The targeting abilities that social media gives us are unheard of.”

Sara’s excitement grows on her face as she speaks. “The laser focus I can get with my clients is insane, and I completely nerd out about it.”   

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are unparalleled  

“The targeting abilities are, in my opinion, one of the best things and powerful things you get with social media.”

Sara explains further. “If you’re a small business owner in Austin, you don’t need a million people in New York to know about you. You need people in Austin who are relevant, potential buyers, and who click to buy.”  

“I think that’s more challenging than a business that can cater to a national or international audience.” 

It’s a two-way conversation

“Businesses need to remember that social media is a two-way conversation,” Sara clarifies. “It’s not just you pushing out information.”

Sara recommends reaching out to other social media accounts and engaging with their content. That way, your followers see you as “a human being. You’re speaking to them and building a relationship. You stay top of mind, and they build trust with you.”

What are your tips for effectively leveraging social media right now? 

Be compassionate

“Being compassionate doesn’t mean you can’t sell. Selling is absolutely necessary right now. I get it all the time, and I respect it.” Sara adds. 

“There is a way to sell while being compassionate, authentic and still serving your audience.”

Have a balanced content plan

“If you’re a local business, you need to remember that you’re in a community. Having a balanced content plan will help you speak to your community and support them.” 

But why? Sara continues. “This ensures you have consistent messaging throughout your content – that it’s compassionate, authentic and transparent.” 

Be clear on what you’re offering right now

“Be clear and to the point.” Sara states. “Make sure you’re very straightforward – explain what you offer at the top of your profile and ensure that your messaging is clear on what you can do right now.”

“And don’t forget to update your Google My Business page!” 

Think through your strategy

“I tell my clients all the time, ‘just because social media is cost-effective, doesn’t mean any less thought goes into it.’”

So what does Sara mean by that? “Anchor your strategy into one or two key customer personas – just like any other marketing channels.”  

Which celebrity, superhero, or individual is ‘work Sara Wright’ most like?

A huge smile breaks out across Sara’s face. “This first that comes to mind is Sandra Bullock. I love her.”

“She looks like she goes to film sets and has a ton of fun. But she’s actually by the book, prepared and memorised. She still builds in the time to get comfortable to improvise.”

“That’s how I work – 80 to 90 per cent of the time, I’m regimented. I’m so rehearsed and memorised. But I’m also very comfortable with throwing it to the wind,” Sara laughs. “Maybe that’s the actor in me.”

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Written By Terri