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Ninki Talks – Driving Change in the Automotive Industry with Chelsea Shearer from The Archive Automotive

Chelsea, from Archive Automotive, knew from a young age that the auto industry was where she’d build her career. Joining her Dad on trips to car shows, she learned a lot about the beauty and capabilities of mindblowing cars and sensational car brands. The Archive Automotive recently managed the Bugatti Reunion Tour 2019 that welcomed six Bugatti hypercars to South Africa for a private tour of the beautiful country. She had the pleasure of driving some of these incredible vehicles that range from $2 to $6 million each. Accelerating her career in a male-dominated industry comes with its frustrations, but Chelsea has no problem challenging the status quo to prove there’s plenty of space for women in the industry too!

Did you always know you wanted to be in the auto industry?

Absolutely! I was the type of girl who asked for ‘Hot Wheels’ instead of ‘Barbies’. My dad always said I’d be involved with cars, either racing them or selling them! I would have loved to be a racecar driver, but it’s an expensive hobby, so I chose to sell cars instead.                                   

Tell us about The Archive Automotive.                      

The Archive Automotive is a one-stop-shop for car enthusiasts looking for someone to maintain and manage their personal fleet of luxury vehicles. A lot of our clients travel overseas, so being able to store their car in a high-end facility that offers professional care and top-class management is a market demand we’re able to meet. We offer individualised, customised services to our customers as well as premium valet services and vehicle brokerage. We’ve carefully designed and created a totally unique space that people LOVE! The space is regularly used to host prestigious and high-end events. We also have a coffee shop open to the public with an epic view of all our clients’ vehicles.              

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What challenges have you faced in the industry?

I think the toughest challenge in the industry is being a woman. Stereotypically, the industry is a man’s world. I often get the sense that people assume I’m less clued up or have less knowledge or experience because I’m not a man. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years now so of course, I know what I’m talking about (lol). I like to challenge the status quo and encourage people to challenge their stereotype framework.

Tell me about the platforms you use to market the business. 

Instagram has to be one of the best platforms we’ve used to date! It’s highly influential and with the industry, we’re in, visual works best! Seeing a picture of a ‘fancy’ car brand that you usually see in music videos, movies (or your dreams) creates traction that brings in foot traffic and business.  

The Archive Automotive

Keep reading for marketing tips for the automotive industry!                                          

You must get to work with some awesome brands. Can you tell us about your favourite events or campaigns?      

Most definitely! My greatest achievement and the most exciting event for me has to be the Bugatti Reunion Tour 2019! It was a surreal and unique opportunity for the business and for me personally. I’m sure everyone on this planet can agree that Bugatti is the biggest and most badass brand you could only dream to work with! So definitely one I can tick off my bucket list, but it was also just an incredible foot in the door for bigger things for The Archive!            

Your marketing, photography and event planning has helped put The Archive Automotive on the map. What or who can you attribute your successes to?

A lot of hard work, focus and commitment. Seeing everything through and doing it with a positive attitude and great care. No sacrifice, no victory. 

I think the versatility of the team has afforded us a lot of our success. My boyfriend, Richard Webb, and his partners Alex Dunford and Johann Botha came up with the concept of The Archive and have formed an incredibly strong partnership with an amazing team behind them. We each have our own strengths and unique point of views that makes for a strong and resilient team. 

Our loyal clients are what keep us focused, motivated and inspired to continue doing things bigger, better and bolder! Our biggest achievement (and USP) is our customer service. Putting the customers in the centre of all we do helps with business and product decision making. Our staff and leaders have worked really hard to get where we are today. It’s only been open for one year and I am confident that there are still many more big things to come!

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Marketing tips for the automotive industry

Fuel your marketing with content

Purchasing a car is not an easy or quick decision. It’s a decision that takes a lot of time and many hours of research. This is why you need content. Content (i.e. YouTube videos, blogs, Facebook and Instagram profiles and reviews) are consulted to assist with the purchase decision. If you’re a dealership or vehicle broker, make sure you are creating and publishing content that is useful, relevant and inspires people, pushing them down the path of choosing you!

Roll out reviews!

Positive reviews and experiences from existing customers help build trust with leads. Make sure you ask your buyers or clients to write reviews for you. 

Vroom vroom the visuals and video

As Chelsea said, the automotive industry is very visual. Keep your social media channels active with photos that will WOW your followers. Make sure you publish plenty of video content. Video is not only engaging but it gets higher reach too. 

Drive better quality leads with better targeting

Improve the quality of leads by mapping out your audience targeting. List your vehicle brands and models and then unpack the types of people who would purchase that car.

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