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Ninki Talks – Nicholette Styles – Empowering Women Through Beautiful Canva Designs

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Nicholette Styles – Empowering Women Through Beautiful Canva Designs

There’s one thing you need to know about Nicholette von Reiche – Canva designer and mentor, owner and founder of Nicholette Styles – family comes first. It’s clear as you scroll through her website, nicholettestyles.com. Nicholette is a woman who loves her partner and adores being a mum. Which is just one of the reasons why Nicholette is so approachable – she shares the same values many women in business have.

“I’ve taught hundreds of business owners, female business owners specifically, how to create graphics for their business so they can stand out online, and feel more confident about what they’re sharing with their tribe.”

Nicholette Styles offers beautifully put together Canva templates for business owners looking to make their marketing beautiful and engaging – helping them save time so they can spend less time in front of the computer and more time with the family.  We sat down with Nicholette to find out more about her business and her entrepreneurial success with Nicholette Styles. 

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You mainly work with female business owners – why is that?

“I wanted to empower female business owners with beautiful graphics that improved their marketing quality and conversions. I met a lot of female business owners that didn’t have the eye for design, or were expanding their teams with social media managers who were taking over the graphics, but didn’t have the eye for it either. I saw this as a great opportunity.

I work mostly with women so that I don’t have to filter how I speak, I want to show up online and in my branding the way that I would if we were having coffee”. 

Tell us about your gorgeous templates!

“At the moment there are four different styles. I want every female business owner to feel like they can see their business in one of those styles. All my templates come with videos that walk them through how to use it and tips to help them or their teams save so much time redesigning. They can feel proud and confident with every single touchpoint.” 

What challenges have you had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

“Entrepreneurship is one of the biggest journeys of self-discovery – you’re constantly needing to face your fears, grow and push yourself. There’s a lot of imposter syndrome that comes up. It’s normal, but you need to push through it. And you can! You’re worth it!”

What advice can you give to budding entrepreneurs?

“It sounds cliché, but just keep going. Keep talking to your audience. Sometimes what they want is much simpler than the solutions we think we’re creating for them.”

Nicholette leaves us with her final powerful message: “If the dream is in your heart, it’s within your power to make it come true. But sometimes we get in our own way. So take one step at a time. Follow the clues or your intuition. You’re never off track.”

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