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Ninki Talks – Shall We Social with Kryshla

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Ninki Talks – Shall We Social with Kryshla 

‘Instagram is my jam, I love it’ says Kryshla – Instagram Coach, Founder and Chief Algorithm Whisper at Shall We Social. ‘You can always find me there – maybe too often.’

And that passion comes through in Kryshla’s work. ‘I really love making Instagram marketing fun again. When you enjoy something, you do it more, and you get better at it.’

Based in Melbourne, Kryshla founded her business, Shall We Social, four years ago. That was when she noticed that Instagram was evolving.

‘It’s becoming more of a sales and marketing tool. More and more people were wanting to learn about Instagram. It’s a sexy platform.’

We sat down with Kryshla to find out what made Instagram so darn sexy…

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What are the benefits of doing it yourself?

According to Kryshla, choosing to manage your own Instagram account is ‘a personal choice’. But it definitely has its benefits.

‘First of all, you’re going to save yourself a lot of money’, Kryshla begins.

But she isn’t finished yet.

‘You want to sell yourself – the product is you. It’s about getting your face out there, connecting with your ideal customer, and developing that relationship. You want them to get to know you. You want to build that trust. Because who do we buy from? People we trust.’

‘You can do it yourself. People have this idea that it’s really difficult, but they just need to be shown how. It’s a matter of confidence’.

What are some Instagram no-nos?

It’s simple: don’t hard sell.

‘Instagram is a really engaging platform’ says Kryshla. ‘It has ten times more engagement than Facebook. People like that sense of community and being a part of something bigger than themselves.’

‘If you try and force a product down someone’s throat, it’s not going to go down well. People will disengage from you.’

Another no-no is failing to participate with other people.

‘Rather than asking people to engage with your content, you could go out and engage with their content. You’ll see greater success.’

‘It’s about being a good human and making those connections’

So what do we need to know about the dreaded algorithm?

Kryshla is quick to set us straight. ‘The algorithm is your friend, not your enemy.’

‘The algorithm has one job – that is to keep people on the platform for longer. It’s a people pleaser. It knows a lot about you – it’s super clever, and it’s learning all the time’.

Instagram’s algorithm learns what we like by what we engage with, search for, and follow. It then decides what content to show us.

‘Don’t join an engagement pod with other businesses’ Kryshla warns. ‘It creates a feedback circle with the wrong people.’

‘So if you work with the algorithm and do things you know it loves – like being authentic, engaging with other people’s posts, and using hashtags – it will work to get your content seen.’

Any advice for budding business owners?

Kryshla tells us she has three pieces of advice for new companies.

‘First, get really clear on what you want to be known for. And then talk about that, over and over again. So when people think of your product, they think of you.’

‘Secondly, invest in professional photography. You can do whatever you want with those images, and they’re going to look great on your socials, website, and marketing material.’

‘Those photos are then uniquely yours. Having photos of yourself will be aligned with your brand, and will make you stand out on the feed.’

Kryshla’s last piece of advice is to ‘show your face in your posts and stories’

‘You can talk directly to your ideal customer. It’s a powerful way to connect with your followers.’

What’s next?

Kryshla is hosting a group coaching program called ‘Instagram Unpacked’, where people can learn the secrets to successful Instagram marketing.

Students can complete the program any time during the year. Kryshla also hosts ‘live rounds’ – where people can have access to course material, weekly group coaching calls, and a private Facebook group.

‘Instagram Unpacked’ starts on 10th August 2020. Find out more on Shall We Social website, shallwesocial.com.au

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