Post COVID-19 content ideas

Post COVID-19 content ideas

The end is near! Some state’s across Australia have started loosening COVID-19 restrictions. Cafés and pubs are reopening (YAY!) Retail stores are welcoming returning customers. And people are back on the streets with big smiles on their faces! 

Businesses should continue to publish content that is valuable, useful and informs their customers.

With the toughest part of the pandemic over, you can start to publish content that will inspire and excite your community! 

Here are post COVID-19 content ideas to keep your social channels active and your social community engaged. 


With interstate travel open in states like South Australia, people can start to feel excited about weekends away. 

Share your favourite local getaways with your audience. 

Give them tips and ideas for day trips or weekends away. Share your top 10 local getaways and pace out each one over the space of the month. This will not only help you engage with your followers, but it will help promote local businesses too. 

Share virtual travel experiences with your followers. 

While you’re waiting for international travel to open, why not pass the time doing some virtual travel.  Share virtual travel experiences with your followers. Take a look at Buzz Feed’s list of the best travel experiences.

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It’s easy to get tied up in our everyday lives. Quarantine has shown that we do have time to focus on ourselves and our passions. 

Encourage your audience to follow their passion

Or stick with the one they picked up during quarantine. Recommend various free online courses, whether it be academia, learning to play an instrument or providing tutorials on how to build and create. Reinforce the fact that perhaps we do have more time to develop and grow

Create steps for your audience on how they can get into a routine that balances work, home and hobbies. 

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Another positive to come out of quarantine is the connection and reconnection of various relationships. With the internet and social media we have never been more in touch, however, we do tend to take this for granted. 

Share your favourite ideas for online hangouts

Encourage your audience with ideas about happy hours, trivia games and group dinners. 

Share ideas for date nights

Date nights have come back for many of those who may have been out of practice. Share ideas on what to do on a date night, whether it be building a fort at home or a picnic at the park. There are also loads of creative and fun ways that your audience can stay on top of getting onto a schedule for their date nights. You just need to Google it to see the millions of ideas out there! Take a look at Marie Claire’s date night recommendations.

Share recipes and ideas for a family dinner night that everyone can get involved in 

Encourage your audience to share their favourite family meals and to provide ways in which the family can get creative with who is involved with what and when. 

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Fitness and Health 

A lot of people have surprised themselves with their ability and discipline to work out a home. Although some folk do enjoy and miss the interactions that they have with others when at the gym, others have found a love for a more intimate experience. 

Share your favourite group workouts that can be done in the park or in the garden

Give your audience ideas on how to host a workout event with their friends. This way they are able to stay on top of the work they have already done whilst staying connected and interacting with their friend group. 

Share recipes and healthy eating tips

These topics have always and will always be around, but with more time to focus on them a lot more people are educating themselves on what is best for their health. Share recipes and foods that will assist your audience in overall health and immune system strengthening going forward.

Share your favourite online workouts

There has been a massive influx of private and personal businesses that have taken to an online forum, and this may be here to stay. Share your top workouts and the gurus who lead them with your audience. 

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Positive reinforcement and patience 

We often forget to step back and take a deep breath. Adapting to the new norm takes time and consideration. 

Share ideas on ways in which your audience can implement self-love and self-care

Provide a list of books, they can be classics or newly released. Our picks?

There are many great recommendations for at-home spa days and what your audience can do to take some time to work on themselves. 

Share sources of meditation and positivity

There are loads of relevant sources in podcasts, youtube, books and articles that will help grow one’s relationship with themselves. Share your top sources with your audience. Buzzfeed is a great go-to for a plethora of information on self-care and self-love. 

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Quarantine has allowed so many people to slow down and reinvest in what is important to them as an individual. These things should not be forgotten moving forward and they can provide a great dialogue for how we can grow and adapt in the future. There is plenty of content to decorate your feed with during this time!

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Written By Chanelle