Questions to Help You Capture a Powerful Testimonial

Testimonials will only ever be as good as the questions you ask. Businesses often hope that a beautiful organic chat will occur, where they’ll talk about all the wonderful experiences they have with your product. The reality is that many people struggle to articulate exactly how the product made them think of feel. Specific questions get specific answers, so it’s important to prepare quality questions to get a quality answer.

The objective of a testimonial video is not only to add credentials to your product but to sell more. Here are some questions to help you get a powerful testimonial from your customer.


What stopped you from buying the product/service right away?

This will help you uncover any obstacles the customer had before they could buy the product (money, not understanding the benefits, etc.) You may not use this in the video but it is always good to ask this question first!

What problem did the product/service solve for you? (Example: my camera’s zoom did not focus was poor which meant I couldn’t capture close up images of insects for my work project.)

Had you tried any products to solve this problem before? If so, why did it not work? (Example: I’d tried Camera A (don’t need to mention the name), the camera was heavy and even though the focus was better, it still didn’t capture the detail I needed it to.)

What is your favourite feature of the product? (Example: the zooming feature of a camera)

What was the benefit of this feature to you? (Example: it helped me capture details in my photographs I’ve never been able to capture before!)

What has the product enabled you to do that you couldn’t do before?  (Example: my previous equipment never allowed me to capture a clear, high quality shot of insect specifically.)

How has the product improved the experience? (Example: I can now effectively capture the detail of the insect, which I require for my job.)

Would you recommend this product? If so, why?

Encourage your client to think of the most convincing reason why you’d recommend it. If you’re filming the testimonial you might want to get a few answers and see what works best.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Give your customer free reign to say what they’d like, but remember to keep them on point. Particularly if it’s a video testimonial.  

Tips for Video Testimonials

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Give a heads up

Set expectations and a bit of a plan for the day so your customer knows what to expect. You wouldn’t want them to say yes to giving a testimonial and then half way through tell them part of it is getting them to swim in cold water. Send them the questions in advance so they can have a think but request that they don’t prepare anything too specific. Script free is better.

Don’t script it

Avoid scripting what you want them to say or getting them to plan it. Testimonials like this sound forced and unnatural.

Get stuck in

Some video testimonials waste valuable attention time with opening scenes, graphics, logos, etc. Get stuck in and jump straight to the good or exciting stuff. Remember our attention spans are less than a goldfish!

Keep it short

45 – 60 seconds is a sweet spot. 3 minutes is the maximum in special situations, but not advised. This doesn’t mean you have to rush the customer. Take your time shooting, get a genuine conversation going then use the best bits for the final cut.

Always bring it back to benefits

When people are being filmed, they can be nervous and drift away from the topic or waffle a bit. Remind them to just keep it simple and bring it back to benefits. Don’t cram too many benefits into one video either. Focus on the key benefit, or the most convincing one.

Keep it simple and authentic!

Create a space where you can have a natural conversation with your customer. Lay off the high production stuff that takes away from the key message you want to share.

Written By Chanelle