Social media advice: Coronavirus lockdown – here’s how social media can help

Social media advice: Coronavirus lockdown – here’s how social media can help

Businesses are in a unique and unprecedented position to find creative means and strategies to stay connected with their customers and maintain revenue through alternative methods. There is no better time to embrace social media page features and advertising! 

Communicate with customers on Messenger

The Facebook Messenger App has become a pretty sophisticated tool to communicate with your customers. People contact businesses through their Facebook page more than by phone or email these days. Harness the power of the Messenger App!

  • Set up automated replies and away messages to let your customers know that you’ve received their message and will respond when you can. 
  • Set up your FAQ questions to help manage incoming queries. 
  • Use the App to manage payments. 

Keep your customers informed and engaged by communicating through the Facebook Messenger App. Read more about Facebook Messenger for Business here.

Set up services and manage payments

Add services to your business page so your customers can see what services you offer. Populate each service with information to help eliminate unnecessary questions from customers. Adding Services to your page helps improve your visibility on Facebook. Manage service payments through the Messenger App. Learn more about managing payments through Messenger here

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Create a catalogue on Facebook and share it with your Instagram

Take your page to the next level by creating a catalogue of all the products you sell. You can then connect that catalogue with Instagram to promote your products there. You can learn more about creating a catalogue on Facebook here. Learn how to connect your Facebook catalogue to Instagram here

Keep your audience engaged with Facebook posts

People need inspiring and uplifting content! Stay in touch with your followers and share inspiring content. Check out ER’DAY SOCIAL for social media content ideas. Use websites like Pexels and Unsplash for stock videos and photos. 

Use Livestream to connect or provide a service

Determine what services can be delivered online through video. You could consult a client through the Messenger video feature or on a platform like Zoom. You can also get creative and use Livestream to provide a service. Musicians, fitness instructors and quiz masters are live streaming their services to keep their income flowing. Check out the Bearded Blonde’s FREE live stream quiz HERE.

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Need help optimising your Facebook page to connect with more customers? We can help. Drop us a line here.

Your social media responsibility! Social media is a powerful beast that can bring a lot of good but can also circulate a lot of bad. Make sure that you stay educated and informed on what news articles are true and which are fake. 

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Written By Chanelle