Benefits of working with an agency: Social media management Adelaide

Benefits of working with an agency: Social media management Adelaide

Listen, we hear you – running a business is hard. You’ve got employees to manage, products to sell and loads of decisions to make. There’s so many things you need to think about that it can fry your brain to a goopy mess. 

But what’s one thing you can’t afford to mess up? Your social media marketing strategy. A social media marketing strategy can build your brand, engage your audience and generate leads for your business. And who you choose to handle your social media marketing can make all the difference. So why should you choose an agency to handle your social media management? Read on to find out.

What do I need to consider first?

What is your budget?

Sure, it would be nice to have millions of dollars to spend on your social media, but that’s unrealistic. In our experience, the average small business sets aside a minimum of $1,000 a month for social media. A larger business may set aside between $2,000 to $5,000 per month. But keep in mind that this is only a guide, and many factors will influence what budgets businesses have to put towards social media.

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How complex are your needs?

Are you happy with a few feed posts now and then?* Or are you looking for the whole deal – social media management, marketing strategy and the rest? 

Whatever you need, you want someone with the right experience to help you reach your marketing and business goals. An agency will have a whole team of experts ready and waiting to handle your social media needs. 

*We highly recommend that you do not just post a couple times a month. Consistency is really important in marketing. And in order for your social media to drive leads to you, you need to be consistent AND utilise ALL available formats in each platform – feed posts, stories AND reels. 

As we say here at NINKI, just doing feed posts is like driving a car with one wheel instead of four. You won’t go very far.

How ‘hands-on’ do you want to be?

Running a business can be hectic. Maybe you don’t have the time to deal with your social media. Or perhaps you want to stay as hands-on as possible but just need a little more guidance.

At NINKI, we have all kinds of clients – those who are happy to leave everything up to us and others who love being involved with their social media. 

Social media management Adelaide

The advantages of working with an agency: social media management Adelaide

Agencies give you full access to a qualified team 

A social media agency provides a multi-faceted group of experts who can accommodate all of your needs, designs and goals. And because they work in teams, they can offer new perspectives and ideas you may not have considered before. 

Agencies have more resources 

A larger agency has access to resources that make your social media marketing the best it can be. For example, our content creator Morgan often travels on-site to take photos and videos for our clients’ socials, while Chanelle and head copywriter Kate hang back at the head office to work on their content. This means we can produce personalised, higher-quality content in less time.  

Agencies can offer a range of services

We get it – sometimes you need more than just social media management. You need a whole scope of services to accelerate your digital marketing. That’s where agencies really shine. 

Most agencies can offer ongoing support such as SEO, copywriting, analysing user feedback, Google Ads and more. As a busy business owner, getting everything you need from one place makes life easier. And because the agency has worked with you before, everything they create for you will align with your marketing strategy. 

Agencies have plenty of credentials, qualifications, certifications and tools

Agencies invest time in money in certifications to back up their experience. They also often have qualifications or degrees in their industry. 

Agencies in social media management Adelaide invest money in tools that enhance the quality of your content or help them work efficiently, which both you and your clients benefit from.

Social media management Adelaide

Social media management Adelaide – we’ve got you covered!

Working with both digital agencies and businesses, NINKI Content Marketing offers content marketing, strategy and training services that aid your business growth. Book a discovery call with the NINKI team here to learn more about how we can help you.

Written By Kate