Strategy and Consulting

Gain clarity on your goals, your audience and how to market to them.

Smart ideas, creative minds and years of experience help us produce strategies that help you connect, engage and generate enquiries from the right customers.

Struggling to meet your business goals because you don’t have a digital marketing plan?

Here are some common challenges our clients faced before we helped them with a digital strategy.

It doesn't have to be this way.

A digital strategy will give you the direction you need to reach success.

We specialise in three main areas of strategy

Digital Strategy and consultancy

A digital marketing strategy articulates your goals, defines your audience and plots out a plan to reach them.

Content Strategy and consultancy

A content strategy helps you amplify your online presence using content. It also helps you gain clarity in your messaging to create a greater impact.

Brand Strategy and consultancy

Define your purpose and build a brand that you and your potential customers will love with a brand strategy.

It’s as simple as…

Book a call

Book a discovery call with our Digital Marketing Specialist.


Attend a workshop where we’ll get to know your business.


We get cracking on your strategy while you get excited to see it.


We present your strategy and we discuss how you can implement it.

What it’s like to work with Ninki

What a digital strategy helps you achieve


With defined goals and a thorough action plan, you’ll have the clarity your marketing needs to succeed.


Your strategy will give your marketing purpose and a clear direction.


When your strategy is fully implemented, you can expect to see a lift in sales.

Business Growth

Our ideas and strategies will unlock hidden pockets of revenue for your business.


NINKI supported Karen’s business by fulfilling her key services, including social media content, copywriting and custom Canva designs, while also helping to develop several new services to offer her clients.

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