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If you’ve ever been on TikTok (which I’m sure you have), it doesn’t take long to realise how addictive the app is. Perfectly tailored to your unique preferences, the app quickly learns exactly what you like – no matter how niche. Love watching videos of people collaging? TikTok’s got it. Love watching makeup tutorials while they tell you true crime stories? TikTok has that too. What about funny dances? Before TikTok I don’t think anyone was addicted to watching people dance to a remix of Louis Theroux’s rap. But they are now.

TikTok’s range of content, sophisticated algorithm (which kicks Instagram’s arse btw) and vast audience presents a massive opportunity for brands to increase reach, engagement and conversions.

For businesses to succeed on the app, they’ll need solid strategy to determine how they can show up on TikTok in a way that appeals to their audience, while remaining true to the brand. Not every CEO will be comfortable lip-syncing School of Rock on social media.

So, what tactics are successful brands using on TikTok? Read on to find out…

They’ve adopted entertainment as a part of their core strategy.

The key to success on TikTok (and social media in general) is entertainment. Brands need to find a way to entertain their audience and find creative ways to tell stories that showcase their product or service. Entertainment needs to be a core part of your marketing strategy.

TikTok is an app that people actively use as a source of entertainment. So, nailing the entertainment component is crucial. If you can entertain someone, you can influence them.

TikTok Agency Adelaide
TikTok Agency Adelaide: The girls from NINKI know a thing or two about entertainment

They’re reactive.

Gone are the days of lengthy briefs and endless revisions. Brands succeeding on the app are reactive and jump on ideas while they’re fresh and trends while they are hot. Bear in mind that, while riding the wave of trends can increase reach and engagement, you need create original content too. If your strategy is to just do trends you will always be five steps behind.

They invest in TikTok ads.

Organic content should always be supplemented with paid ads for optimal success. TikTok’s ads are effective because they don’t look like ads. TikTok ad creative is simple, authentic, and unpolished.

TikTok’s Spark Ads is a native ad format that allows you to leverage organic TikTok posts in your ads. You can also use organic content from other creators (with their permission)

TikTok Agency Adelaide
TikTok Agency Adelaide: The girls from NINKI

They publish user-generated content.

User-generated content of people using your products or services works well on the platform. Think about reaching out to your database and giving them a discount on their next purchase in exchange for a video of them using your product. That way, you can harvest more content with minimal effort and maximum result. Or, as mentioned above, with permission, you can use someone else’s content in Spark Ads. 

They create moreish series. 

For a business to be successful on TikTok, it needs to create not just pillars but series. Moreish, binge-worthy series. For example, NINKI’s TikTok has a series where we imitate our colleagues. These perform really well and showcase our brand personality to our audience. 

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Written By Chanelle