Tips for Facebook Ads

Tips for Facebook Ads

I’m not gonna lie. Anyone can set up a Facebook ad. Okay – maybe not anyone – but you know what I mean. Even though mossst people can set up a Facebook campaign, it takes a specialist to get it right! What do I mean by right? Well, I mean getting it to actually get clicks and/or convert customers. So here we go – tips for Facebook Ads!

The Essentials

There are the FIVE key components to a Facebook ad.

  1. Image: As with most things, if it isn’t visually appealing people just aren’t gonna click it. Take time when choosing images for your ad.
  2. Headline: Be bold here. It’s a headline after all! Use something that gets people’s attention but also make what you’re offering clear and concise.
  3. Text: Flesh out the headline here. Tell people a bit more about what you’re offering.
  4. Call to action: What do you want people to do? Call you? Shop? Learn More? Think carefully about what it is you are trying to achieve and pick your call to action button.
  5. News feed link description: This is just a little descriptive line about the landing page you are taking them to. A landing page is the section of your website that people will end up if they click your ad.

Tips for Facebook ads - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide


Can’t stress this enough. Eye-catching images are super important when it comes to Facebook ads. Think about how quickly you scroll through your feed… Find images that will make people STOP!

  • Use HQ images. It’s best practice (and polite) to use stock photos that you have permission to use. Pexels and iStock are my go tos. Make sure you donate from time to time to support the photographers 🙂
  • Make sure your images are bright and colourful. Preferably colours that stand out against the Facebook blue – red, orange, pink and green work well.
  • Use one strong image, run a slideshow or use video to make your ad a bit fancier. I’ll cover off ‘ad bells and whistles’ in my next blog.
  • Don’t include text in your image. Facebook doesn’t like it. If you have to – make sure it is minimal.
Tips for Facebook ads - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide
How good does pink and red look?!



  • Be short, sharp, clear (and ballsy – if your brand lets you!) You only have 25 characters to play with here.
  • Try and link the headline back to the image. You don’t want a headline about massage with an image of a gavel.

Tips for Facebook ads - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide

Make Your Ad Text Compelling

You’ve only got one shot. And one opportunity. To seize your potential customer’s attention. Make your ad text compelling.

  • You’ve got 90 characters to write something short and concise that gets their attention.
  • Include discounts, offers and prices where you can.
  • Add urgency by using words like ‘today’, ‘now’, ‘don’t miss out’
  • Ask a question to engage your audience.
  • Think about the benefit to the customer if they chose to buy your product or service today. How would they feel? Tell them and make them want it now!

Tips for Facebook ads - Digital Marketing Services Adelaide



Written By Chanelle