Tips for working from home

Tips for working from home. I’ve been preparing for self-isolation for the last three years. I’ve had a home office since I started Ninki three years ago so have plenty of wisdom to share! More importantly, I also have some stellar tips to keep you from slipping into insanity! If you do find yourself going crazy, give me a buzz – we might be in sync.

Tip one: Designate a workspace

If it is one thing that is absolutely essential when it comes to working from home, it’s designating a workspace. With a sink full of dishes or a dusty floor insight, you might be tempted to take a break (or seven) to clean up the house. Stepping away from the kitchen/lounge area and setting up a simple desk and chair in your bedroom or spare room will help keep you focused and lessen the temptations of housework. If there’s no space for a desk, try the dining room table, but face away from the distraction zones! 

Make sure your workspace ergonomically correct to avoid neck and/or backaches and pains. 

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Tip two: Listen to music and let the light in!

When I first started working from home it was pretty lonely and I struggled to focus. A friend suggested Binaural Beats which was an absolute Godsend! Binaural beats are lyric-less soothing, relaxing, isochronic music that helps you stay focused. Lo-fi hip hop and French music are also my go-to! Here are some Spotify playlists I recommend:

Crack open windows and turn on your lights (if there is not enough natural light) A fresh flow of air will keep you from getting stale and correct sufficient lighting will ensure that you are not straining your eyes. 

Tip three: Get into a routine!

Routine is SO important! Routine keeps you motivated, focused and organised. In the first few weeks of working from home, you’ll probably be tempted to sleep in or work odd hours. DON’T DO ITTTT! Create a routine that you can follow each and every day. Believe me, it gets depressing working from home if you don’t have a routine! 

My daily work from home routine:

  • Wake up! I wake up organically between 7 am and 8 am. 
  • Make a coffee (you should also eat brekky, but I am naughty and often don’t eat brekky till 11 am)
  • Have a refreshing shower with your favourite Spotify playlist. Have a Good Day playlist and Totally Stress-Free playlist are my fave!
  • Get to your desk! Make a list of all the things you need to do and list them in the priority they should be completed. I have a white and cork board which highly recommend.
  • Take short breaks every couple of hours to rest your eyes. If you can take a walk around the block – do that.
  • Take at least an hour for lunch to unwind before powering through the second half of your day. Eat a light lunch so you don’t feel sluggish. The couch will be tempting!
  • When it gets to 5 pm or 6 pm (whenever you finish) make a list of everything you need to do tomorrow and log off! Try not to let family time creep into work time. Just because you are working from home it doesn’t mean you need to work all the time.
  • I fit a gym session in either in the morning or the evening. Exercise is so important when you are working from home. Your step count declines, so smashing a session out at the gym (or at home) is a good idea. I do POPSUGAR FITNESS at home.

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Tip four: Declutter and stay organised

A messy workspace creates a messy mind space. Try and keep your workspace neat and tidy (she says, staring a pile of papers and chords to her left). Get some desk storage so you can hide away any clutter that’s building up around you. Always neaten your workspace at the end of the day so it looks inviting for the next.

Tip five: Get the tools!

Working from home requires a fast and reliable home internet. Make sure you are set up to be as productive as possible with a speedy and reliable internet connection. Here are a couple more tools to help you work from home. 

Zoom for video calls

Zoom is a video communications software that allows you to connect through online video conference calls.

Skype and Google Hangouts

Use Skype and Google Hangouts to keep in touch with friends and family.


An awesome project management tool to help you manage projects and daily tasks or assign them to other people. 


For internal communications with your team and/or clients.

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We are all in this together! Follow the advice and rules in your country or state and be respectful and kind to one another. Check out these videos and photos of hope during the outbreak. 

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Written By Chanelle