Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

2020 Top Digital Marketing Trends 

Once upon a time, marketers dreamt of having new and exciting ways of reaching their audiences. Things like voice search, personalisation and conversational marketing only existed in the movies. In 2020, not only are these dreams possible, but they are set to be the most prominent digital marketing trends yet. So to get you started, we’ve picked the top crazes you can apply to your business this year. 

Content Marketing

Ads help you be seen. Content helps you be chosen! It’s not enough to just advertise. The consumer is smarter than that. They crave and need content that informs them, inspires them, and educates them.

From blogs and YouTube videos to Instagram and Facebook content, content marketing helps you build trust with your leads and helps improve customer loyalty. Content can be managed from a content calendar plotting out what content you’ll post when. Need a content calendar? Check this out. 

User Experience

Marketers can now reach their buyers through various devices – the smartphone being the most popular. But does this necessarily mean a better experience for the user? It doesn’t matter how good your product is if your audience doesn’t enjoy buying it. 2020 will focus on improving user experience – meaning that websites will be more mobile-friendly, better designed and make more use of the user’s touch, sight and sound.  

Digital marketing trends 2020 - user experience

Conversational Marketing

Research has shown that buyers in 2020 want answers, and they want them now – no matter what time it is or where they are. And no one has time for formalities when they’re in a hurry. This has changed the way people speak to businesses. Consumers are opting for a more casual, conversational tone – like how they would talk to a friend. 2020 will see the increase of tools, like chatbots, so users can gabble away and get their instant response.

Voice Search

2020 is set to be a big year for smart speakers like Alexa, Siri and Google Home. And with trends like conversational marketing on the rise, it makes sense that more people are making these devices a part of their daily routine. Smart speakers have significantly improved since they were first released, so voice shopping is now a breeze. And users can be content in the knowledge that they can have an immediate answer from a company whenever they want. 

Digital marketing trends in 2020


Long gone are the days where a business could send the same standard email to everyone – customers in 2020 now want a more personal connection to your company. The 2020 shopper finds generic advertising blasts annoying and is more likely to buy if a business can offer something relevant to them. For example, EasyJet has started an email campaign based on buyers’ history suggesting new places for their next holiday. The personalised emails increased sales by 25%.

2020 digital marketing trends

Influencers and Social Media Stories

Social media has created a new kind of celebrity – the Influencer. And they are set to become the next big digital marketing trend in 2020. Today’s consumers value recommendations, so influencers are considered more authentic and trustworthy than traditional advertising. Influencers can also use their social media story to promote their product – it’s cost-effective, always relevant to the time and reaches younger and more niche audiences.


Written By Chanelle