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You’re a business owner. You’re busy as hell and wearing ALL the hats. Business owner, accountant, bookkeeper, marketer. It is all just too much to handle. And rightly so, running a business is A LOT.

A lot of the businesses we meet are in this exact position. They are trying to do everything and getting nowhere. OR they are already working with a marketing agency but aren’t getting the results or support they need.

This is where we come in. Marketing Agency Adelaide, NINKI, is a content and strategy agency that helps businesses increase their online presence and make more connections with potential customers.

Before we tell you about what working with NINKI looks and feels like, here’s a bit about what we do.

NINKI specialises in two areas – strategy and content marketing. We are not a full-service marketing agency that offers all the services. When our owner Chanelle started the agency in 2018, she decided that she wanted us to specialise in one or two key areas rather than spreading ourselves thin across services.

The challenges businesses face before they work with us

We work with businesses all over the world. And despite the fact that they are different sizes, have different offerings and come from different industries, they all share the same challenges.

  • Lack of direction with their marketing.
  • Poor results from their current marketing efforts.
  • Overwhelmed trying to decide what they should do.
  • Lack of resources to assist with marketing activities.
  • Insufficient knowledge to make their marketing work for them.
  • No time to manage their own marketing.
  • Lack of skills in their team to execute some marketing activities (like strategy or TikTok for example).
  • Uncertainty on how to position their brand, service or product.
  • Uncertainty about how to reach their ideal customers.

One of NINKI’s core values is empathy. And when potential clients book a discovery call to discuss these challenges (which is the first step towards working with us), we listen and offer honest advice to remedy their challenges. From there, if we can help, we will send a proposal (or our rate card) with marketing solutions that will solve their challenges.

Marketing Agency Adelaide
Marketing Agency Adelaide: NINKI Founder Chanelle Le Roux

How our marketing strategy service works

If the above challenges sound familiar, the first step is to book a discovery call with our strategist Chanelle (you can learn more about her below).

After receiving a proposal, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns.

Once you are happy with the agreement, you will need to pay a 50% deposit to activate the strategy project. After payment is received, we kick off the project.

Step one: Strategy meeting

The project starts with a meaty session with our strategist. During this meeting, Chanelle will ask you a million and one questions about your business, your brand, your customers, your goals, your existing campaigns and much much more. These meetings can last from anywhere between one to four hours.

Step two: Strategy development

With all this information in hand, Chanelle will craft your strategy. This process can take anywhere from 20 to 80 hours depending on the size of the business. Larger businesses tend to be a bit more complex and take extra time. Strategy development typically takes four to six weeks.

Step three: Strategy presentation

Chanelle will present the strategy to your business. This session is very interactive. Feedback, discussions and questions are welcome.

Step four: Revisions

Based on your feedback there may be some revisions, particularly to the key or brand messages. Revisions take about two weeks.

Step four: Sign off

Once you are happy the project is signed off and we move into the implementation phase. We give you the option to work with NINKI to implement the strategy or to assist with elements of the strategy.

About our strategist

Chanelle, our founder and digital strategist has been in the marketing industry since 2009. Over her career, she has worked in London, San Francisco and South Africa in big and small agencies. She’s worked in various areas of marketing – programmatic, ad operations, social media, sales and strategy. Working in these areas has exposed her to ALL the facets of marketing.

Now, Chanelle specialises in strategy and helps businesses:

  • Define their business and marketing goals.
  • Set measurable targets and KPIs.
  • Craft their key and brand messaging.
  • Decide what platforms to invest in to reach marketing goals.

After working with Chanelle, our clients feel:

  • Confident that they have a plan for success.
  • At ease that they’ve sought the help of a professional to do the work for them.
  • Excited to see results.
  • Motivated to implement their strategy.
Marketing Agency Adelaide
Marketing Agency Adelaide: The ladies of NINKI

How our content marketing services work

NINKI offers the following content marketing services:

  • Social media management.
  • TikTok and Reels content management.
  • Website copy.
  • Landing page copy.
  • Email copy.
  • Marketing funnel copy.
  • Blogs.
  • Custom copywriting.
  • Brand copy.
  • Key messages.
  • Anything else that needs words!

Our content team is made up of our account manager and copywriter Kate, our social media manager, Morgan, our marketing coordinator Alex and our graphic designer Shanna. You also get access to our strategist Chanelle who offers complimentary consulting to clients who sign up for our monthly services.

Step one: book a discovery call

The first towards working with us is to book a discovery call. This is a complimentary 15-minute call for us to learn about your business, challenges and goals. If we’re a good fit we will proceed with sending you a proposal and/or our rate card.

Step two: review and approve proposal

If you are happy with our proposed solution, we will get your approval in writing and request a 50% deposit to commence the service. Once payment is received, we will book your welcome call.

Step three: welcome and strategy call

NINKI has a very thorough onboarding process to ensure we have everything we need to succeed.

The welcome call is your opportunity to meet the team and our opportunity to extract all the information we need from you to commence the service.

Clients find our welcome calls really valuable as they double up as a strategy session where they get clarity and direction, not just in their marketing but in their business too.

Clients leave feeling excited and stress-free knowing they’ve handed over their marketing burden to us!

Step four: content production

NINKI team activate! With all your information in hand, we get to work and create your content. The timeline for this varies depending on the project. Your account manager will manage your expectation in this regard.

Step five: approval and sign off

NINKI has a thorough review process that gives you the opportunity to give feedback on the work provided. Edits are a normal part of the process and we are happy to make any edits you require.*

Once the piece of work is approved, we PUBLISH! If you have signed up for an ongoing service, this process will rinse and repeat, and you will receive monthly reports.

*Please check the number of edits included in your quote. These do vary for each project. 

How to work with us – a Marketing Agency Adelaide

The first step is to book a discovery call with our owner Chanelle. If we’re a good fit, we’ll take you through the process above.

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